The First BeNeLux LC Meeting

19th  November 2016 – 1st BeNeLux Meeting Ladies’ Circle International


At the home hosting party in Cape Town Caroline and I were sitting at the same table and we had an interesting discussion about the differences in Circling in our countries. While eating delicious worms and having fun we thought of bringing our board members together for a meeting. Joyce and Veerle from LC Belgium told me that Round Table Belgium was organising a Benelux meeting with the national boards of RT Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. So if the guys can do it, why shouldn’t we?

So was said and done. Within 3 months we organised our first meeting in the Netherlands. On the 19th of November 2016 we gathered in the Novotel Eindhoven, which is a central location for the three countries. 4 board members from Luxembourg, 5 from Belgium and 5 from The Netherlands took part at this milestone in Ladies’ Circle.

Also Gry was attending as it was only a 7 hour drive from Denmark! Her participation has been so precious and made that meeting even more significant.

We started with a small presentation on each country, to get more global information and get to know each other. After that we had a discussion on the brand awareness of Ladies Circle. We came up with some ideas on how to get LC more known in our countries.

The last part before lunch were the workshops. We divided the group in 4 smaller groups: (vice)Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries and Web/Shopladies. That was really interesting as we were able to share information about our duties and discussed several topics. We all learned a lot as each country has its differences and we got really inspired!

After lunch we moved on to the second part of the day by discussing the focus points of this LCI year with the whole group: number meetings and charity March. We cannot share the information yet, but we can tell you that it was a good brainstorming session.

Looking back, we are so proud that we had a productive meeting and that we were able to plan it in such a short time! All attending Ladies left with a great feeling of Friendship and Service, fully inspired and ready to Expand their Angel Hearts even more.

Yours in Friendship, the organising committee,


Marieke van Gent – President LC The Netherlands

Caroline Goebel – President LC Luxembourg

Joyce Tahon – Treasurer  LC Belgium