Side by Side in Iceland

LC Iceland MTM meeting was held over the weekend of  October 14th and 15th  in a small town east of Akureyri called Húsavík. LC5 and RT4 hosted the meetings and did a great job. For few years now LC and RT in Iceland have held joint MTM every second year and joint AGM every year. 20161014_205814Everybody arrived on Friday and the agenda started with a party where the theme was pink and fabulous. On Saturday our meeting started at 10:00 in a small restaurant called Salka, 63 LC women from all around Iceland attended the meeting. During our introduction everybody stood up and told their name, age, which club they belong to and had to answer the question: „If you could choose a concert to attend to which musician would you choose, dead or alive”? Many musicians were mentioned such as Amy Winehouse, Jon Bon Jovi and Freddy Mercury along with various Icelandic musicians.  Hildur Ýr our National President asked Ester, former International Weblady and NP 14/15, to do a 3 minute speech which she did perfectly, she talked about friendship and many of us got tears in our eyes.


The LC Iceland National board invited RT Iceland National board and their partners for a Cocktail before the Gala dinner on Saturday night. It is not often that everybody from both National Boards have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other. This short time we all had together was very enjoyable, but Side by side cooperation between these two organizations has always been very good and everybody’s intention is to keep it that way and even make it stronger by the years to come.

LC Iceland hopes that you all had a great time during the Holidays and is looking forward to working with you all in the year 2017.fulltruaradsfundur_husavik

In Friendship and Service

LC Iceland National Board 16/17