Re-Charter of Ladies Circle Malta

Our first meeting was held on the first Wednesday of July 2015.  Since then it’s been one big roller coaster to reach our goal, that is to Re-Charter Ladies Circle Malta.

June 2016 we handed in our Application to the LCI Board and the preparations for our big day commenced. Round Table Malta as well as Club 41 Melita were thrilled with the idea for us to Re-Charter during their AGM meeting. Working together was such a great experience, with our fresh ideas and with the Tablers expertise we planned out a Super weekend.
Thursday 27th October the three clubs met up at the Vivaldi Golden Tulip hotel and the Registrations started. I must admit that seeing such a large number was overwhelming. After registration our first even started that of the Pig Feast, seeing so many Circlers and Tablers mingling and having a lovely time was very satisfying.
Friday we had planned a lovely day starting off with a Valletta treasure hunt followed by lunch at one of the Three Cities, the Birgu Waterfront. In the evening we celebrated in a spooky kind of manner, we had a lovely Halloween Party and some costumes were amazing.

Saturday was our Big Day that of our Re-Charter. Sunny Malta, that day was as dull as ever it poured and the wind blew like mad. At 7 AM I get a call from Kris Farrugia RT Malta President telling me that the restaurant in which we had to have our Re-Charter Ceremony followed by lunch was broken during the storm, I didn’t know at that point whether to cry or laugh……by 9 AM we had everything sorted menu and all thanks to some exceptional Tablers. And so against all odds we got Re-Chartered.
To wrap up a memorable weekend we had our Gala Dinner and finally even the weather was in our favour. After a lavish dinner and all the speeches done we all hit the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.
The feelings for us Maltese Circlers and Tablers was bitter sweet as we loved each and every bit of our side by side event however it was so sad to see it come to an end.

After our successful weekend we, Round Table Malta and Club 41 Melita have decided that our Agm’s will from now on be celebrated side by side. So until next year……Lets make an even bigger number!

Yours in Friendship
Romina Lewis
LC Malta President