Newsletter Article – Gry Haugen

16195669_1234185120001486_5481993480615232379_nDo you know the feeling of thinking the whole world is your playground? Is that not what you are almost offered when you are a part of Ladies Circle International? I think this year’s Mid Term Meetings  in 16998748_10158365688275217_6096317798806790195_nGothenburg, Harare, Lichfield and Rome showed some of the play grounds we can visit and where you get to know, not only the cities and countries in LCI, but also the people living in them. I have to give biggest compliments all the 4 wonderful MTM committee groups for having done an excellent job on hosting the events. You all gave us an insight to your cities and ways of living from an extremely well organized meeting in Gothenburg to incredible home hosting for most 16142368_10154470291897991_2245719404696087741_nof the participants in Harare. A taste of your great food from Fish and Chips in Lichtfield to pasta in Rome. This year almost 500 ladies all together participated in the events across the world. This is the biggest number of participants we have ever had for MTMs – Ladies thank you for Expanding Your Angel Hearts and ¨playing¨ on the playgrounds, that you were offered.

16487613_1242001745886490_7157527452067380974_oAt the moment the main part of the LCI countries National Boards are preparing and having their AGMs. The LCI Board and I wish you all the best, and hope you will have wonderful and fruitful AGMs across the globe. Be sure to post on Facebook and share the many lovely moments, I am sure you are going to have.

Everyday from now on when we open up our mail boxes, we hope to see proposals for rule and guideline changes and of course applications for MTM 2019 and applications for positions on the LCI board, this year we can offer you the following positions: Web lady, Treasurer and Vice President… Come join the ride – it is an amazing experience, that you will never regret you had.

The LCI had the their 3rd board meeting in Andover in March and at the occasion we also had the change to visit Winchester and have a joined board meeting with Round Table International board. It was a great experience and we really felt that alone we can do some but together we can do a lot. In Winchester we also were a part of the 90th anniversary for Round Table GB&I. A great week that you will hear more of in the Side by Side Newsletter in June.

Now the next I will see many of you will be in Sønderborg in August for the grand finale of this LCI year – It will be amazing and I cannot wait.

Yours in circling

Gry Haugen

President 2016/2017

Ladies Circle International