LCI President 2015-2016 – Final Message

dc79d095-3881-4226-8f2b-deec5e2513e2Dear Friends,
The curtains are closing in on our current Circling year I thought to address the whole LCI family as I know not all of us will be in Cape Town for our AGM. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done in the name of Friendship & Service not just this year but from the day you made the decision to Circle. It is a rare gift that we possess, which enables one to want to be a solution to someone’s challenge. Allow me to applaud you for the commitment you have shown to our great Association and to those who need our love. You have touched and will continue to touch many lives of people some of who might never ever get to know you. You ladies are amazing!!!
When I began my journey as LCI President I came to the realisation that I had found the privilege of being the first amongst equals. This meant that I had to aspire to be the best example I could be; both as friend to each one of you and in my service on our Board and in my circling. It was also imperative that I had to be one with the message of ONENESS I shared with you for the first time in Iceland.
My greatest challenge was to personify oneness and become the message through my encounters with Circlers and the world around us. Have I succeeded? Only you my friends can be the judge of that. I can only comment on my journey.
Starting off was not that easy as it required me to first remove my mask and honestly examine myself and identify my weaknesses first and embrace them by admitting that I am not perfect and neither are my friends. Then I had identify my strengths and pledged to myself that I would use these to cover the weaknesses of my friends and not to show them up. Another difficult process – the human being always has an ego that likes to be fed. Then I had to teach myself the concept that I must not be puffed up by virtue of position but rather that my sisters are better than me and that it was important to find only the positive things amongst my friends and focus on that. Like I said none of this introspection and commitments to be a better Circler came easily. I am happy to report though that the more I practiced this the better it became for me to see what a wonderful opportunity I had found to belong to this great Association whose aims and objectives would ensure that its members embrace one another’s diversities to promote a spirit of oneness through friendship and service.
My hope and prayer is that we have recorded some successes as individuals and as the collective and that a degree of oneness has been added to us. I ask that we do not stop in pursuing oneness but that we consistently strive to be better in building both peace and harmony in every sphere of influence we find ourselves in. Always being aware of the fact that a house divided against itself will not and cannot stand.
I am thankful for much. First let me thank you once again for trusting me to lead our Association. I have had a fantastic year and had experiences beyond my wildest dreams. The truth of the matter is one cannot find the words to fully express my gratitude and the sense of fulfilment LCI has added to my soul and spirit. The bodily experiences – you have seen the pictures and the joy overflowing on social media.
I would also want thank all those whom I encountered in all my travels throughout the year. In particular all the Circlers who hosted me and my Boardie friends on various occasions. I would like to appreciate you all for the love, the friendship and enriching conversations and the warm hugs – they were the fuel to keep me going. Another special thank you goes to our Board – I was spoilt by Lady Luck to get to work with the best. Team “We Are One “- I do not think another great Board like you exists anywhere else on this good Earth.
For those who are coming to Cape Town see you soon. Those who will not make it this time around see you somewhere in our LCI world soon.
To all of you here is another reminder
Hear me LCI – WE ARE ONE

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