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Dearest Ladies,

madagascar_1This November 10th, LC Madagascar has celebrated its 15th charter anniversary along with LCM1 and LCM2 15th anniversary charters who were both chartered in a row. In 2001, I was there with my club and we tried to do our best to make this poinsettia (our national emblem) blooming.

It took some time but now, believe it or not! LC Madagascar is having another club in formation, named LC 6 in formation. Their charter is due in April 2017, hopefully along with our national AGM.
Sounds like the LCI
madagascar_3Membership Trophy wants to stay in the Red Island…
Our Ladies in Tamatave (LC4), after the huge success of their annual fundraising fair in the City Hall area beginning this month, are having a lot of women interested to start another club…So our poinsettia is growing well, it’s winter season as you can guess!

Besides this good news, the National Board gathered the ladies during the Malagasy Round Table OLYMPIADES GAMES in end of October, held in Ermitage, a cosy hotel in the lakeshore of Mantasoa (2 hour drive from the capital). With our pink dress code (they honored their President motto), we struggled to finish the assault course served by the Tablers: various obstacles, mud bath, weightlifting up and down the stairs, etc…We even did the “Kamate Kamate” dance before the event to encourage all the participants. It was fun…fun…and fun.It’s the LC2 Team that won the trophy for the ladies.Hourra!

In the evening, after the diner, we had a Disco party; as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t stay that long because of muscles pain. Running after ladies and trying to get their grin on the pictures is as hard as participating in the course! I was elected official photographer…
It was my 4th OLYMPIADES and a very positive event for me: I met old and new friends in a relaxing place surrounded by my relatives (family are more than welcome during this week end)! It’s also another way to lead Tablers’wifes to join LC. This year, one of them joined the LC1 club thanks to last year Olympiades Games!
madagascar_5Looking back 15 years ago, I see a young lady (me!) with full of dreams, ready to help the needy people, ready to start a new adventure (sharing friendship and service with unknown ladies), unafraid of doing silly and weird things, loving travelling and eager to learn from life. I may have aged a little bit (ok, not a little) but I’m still this young lady in my head. I remember my first AGM in Oulù in 2002! Since then, I choose a song that sums up what I feel whenever I’m with ladies. It’s from the movie Dirty Dancing soundtrack called “Time of my Life”.
I now can say that I had the time of my life with you, ladies. And it is not finished yet. You have to experience it, it’s magical and wonderful. You learn a lot….and you have fun!madagascar_2
15 years of ladies’circle made me bubbling (thanks to the drink also…) with positive attitude in Pink! THANK YOU LADIES!
madagascar_7madagascar_6Josette Hanitra RAZAFINDRAKOTO
National President of LC Madagascar 2016-2017.