2015-2017 – Little Big Help


This is the difference 5 EUR provides

  • Ensures that 3 girls at LittleBigHelp Girls’ Home receive a full day of meals (4 meals per day - breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner)/ Pays for 10 large lunch meals at LittleBigHelp’s Girls’ Home
  • Covers the expenses for 2 girls from the Girls’ Home to go on a monthly outing and have fun at the cinema, zoo, museum, circus etc.
  • Covers the monthly expenses of school equipment (books, pencils, workbooks) for all the girls in LittleBigHelp Girls’ Home
  • Ensures that all girls from LittleBigHelp Girls’ Home are taken safely to and from school by bus for an entire month
  • Ensures that 2 girls from Girls’ Home get their weekly check-up by the doctor (weekly check-ups are necessary because of the background the girls come from - many have skin diseases, are underweight or have other health issues when they join Girls’ Home)


Feel free to send us an email at: ISP20152017@gmail.com We would love to hear from you regarding any questions you might have.

In 2015-2017 we support LittleBigHelp Girls’ Home. At Girls’ Home exposed girls, especially girls living in the street, get the opportunity to start a new life in a secure environment with care, food and education. They are enrolled in the local schools and their every day life is filled with sport, drawing, meditation, counselling, play and other activities with focus on a sound mental, physical and social development.

It is especially important to offer help to exposed girls in India, because they are extra vulnerable, much more than boys. Child marriage is not uncommon and trafficking, rape and abuse are everyday occurrence for many of the girls.





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Donations to ISP can be made by bank transfer to:

IBAN: DK1320000716193934
Accountholder: Ladies Circle 54, Aarhus.

National transfers: 
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