Crazy Year Ahead – Ladies Circle France

My dear Ladies, my dear Friends,

lc-la-rochelleWe have such a great program this year at Ladies’ Circle France !!!

How exciting ??? You don’t know ? You really don’t?

Very easy : many Charters’ events throughout the year!



Since the beginning of the year, we have already chartered two new Circles : Ladies’ Circle 75 Sens in September, Ladies’ Circle 72 La Rochelle in October and Ladies’ Circle 78 Pornichet Côte d’ Amour in


Why such a passion in France ?

Groups of women feel very inspired by the image of dynamic and committed women that we convey and share, with the help of social medias, during our Ladies’ Circle events or joint events with the Round Table, Club 41 & Agora.

Beyond this energetic image, a very welcoming environment as well as friendship within the National Board and devoted the team of Aera Chairman can only be very appealling !

Over the recent years, many new Circles have been chartered in France and many more are yet to come.

5 new Circles were chartered in 2014-2015, 9 in 2015-2016 plus 7 until June 2017 and already 6 are on the list for the next two years.

lc-sensIt’s such a great honor for all of us to see such a passion for our Service Circle, that now benefits from a better awareness but is not yet as well known as Lions Club, Rotary or Kiwanis. But we’ll get there for sure !

We are so proud that our group of women gathered together as Ladies’ Circle France collected 150,000 euros for its national charity project over the past 2 years. Over the last 5 years, this donation amount kept increasing and will most probably reach another milestone in the near future. On top of this amazing amount, we can also add donations collected locally by each Circles every year.

So should you wish to join us and celebrate the birth of these new French Circles, don’t miss the forthcoming events in March and April 2017 :

  •  2nd March Ladies’ Circle 79 Alençon
  • 11th March Ladies’ Circle 20 Bordeaux
  • 18th March Ladies’ Circle 81 Albi
  • 2nd April Ladies’ Circle 80 Vaux sur Mer

Let’s party together and celebrate our international friendship.

Also, this year, to be in line with our International President “Angel Gry” ’s wishes, our French Circles are looking for other Circles with the same number in order to get together and share moments during their Charter’s special day or some other fun moments to become friends and why not become twinned with one another.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us over our respective e-mails or Facebook pages. We would be so delighted to learn more about you : Circlers from around the world !

I wish you all a wonderful year and I wish you my dear friends to be as proud as one can be to be a Lady.

(Yeahhh ! in France we love to call ourselves Ladies ! Because we are indeed !)

national-boardWith Friendship and Service

Alex Brizzi-Mayer IPP
and his help in English Manue Lecuyer VP / Anne-So Blanc-Bera Aera Chairman South East