Viva con agua


Viva Con Agua 2011/2013

The International service project (ISP) for 2011-2013 is Viva Con Agua.

Why water?
Along with the air we breathewater is the most elemental basis to life.

Water is life.

Water means healthy living – happy living.

This fact is the fundamental motivation making us take action – to enable people an access to clean drinking water.

In arid areas in Ethiopia you don‘t get more than 2 rainy seasons per year (April and then again only in October). The occasion to catch and save this precious water shouldn‘t be wasted because there are hardly any other possibilities to get drinking water.

How does it work now?
Water is fetched from puddles, dead waters, dirty waterholes or rivers and has to be carried over long distances at times.

How can we help with LCI?
‘Viva con agua’ needs support in constructing water supplies like rock catchments, roof catchments or deep wells.

Rock catchment systems retain rainwater and channel it through pipelines into big solid basins. The run-off rain water will be retained and piped into water basins.

Costs for such a system will be about 80.000 Euros. This will provide about 3.000 people in this region with drinking water

Roof catchments can be implemented e.g. on roofs of school buildings.

Costs for such a system will be about 15.000 Euros. About 400-600 people will be provided with drinking water

Deep wells
The costs for such a system amount to 7.000 Euros whereas about 600 people will be provided with drinking water

Is there a specific project for LCI?
The plan is to accomplish a complete LCI project – ideally a rock catchment system – in Ethiopia.

Who or what is ‘Viva con agua’?
VcA is a charitable organisation based in Germany. It is a platform for personal initiative and commitment.

VcA raises awareness on the issues surrounding access to clean drinking water by organising fundraising events such as concerts, parties, readings, exhibitions and fundraising walks as well as football benefit games and much more.

The professional achievement of projects is carried out by their partner ‘Deutsche Welthungerhilfe’ – intensely assessed experts.

What other projects have been realised so far? Or in other words: do they have experience?
‘Viva con agua’ initiated several projects in various countries. Apart from projects of water supply they also provided hygiene and sanitation education and the education of caretakers for pump facilities in order to guarantee long term sustainability of the wells and water systems. Projects are in progress or have been realised in following countries: Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Madagascar, Ruanda, Kenya, Benin, Ethiopia, Cambodia and Tadzikisthan

What can you do?
Save water and support ‘Viva con agua’ with your donations.

In case you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me or any member of the German Board or visit the website

Yours in friendship
Linda Rodriguez-Sierra
President 2011-2012
Ladies’ Circle Germany

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