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Children of the Dump was founded in late 2004 by a group of Belgian travellers, who were shocked at the appalling conditions in which hundreds of innocent children tried to survive on the landfill of Stung Meachny, Cambodia. They got in touch with Mech Sokha, the founder of the nearby Centre for Children to Happiness (CCH), a home for orphans and children living on the enormous landfill (Children of the Dump). A relationship was struck up which allows for CCH administer all the funds raised for “Children of the Dump.

With the support of the NGO, “Children of the Dump, the centre has been able to evolve from a primitive shelter to a “real”home” for more than 150 children.
It is the desire of CCH to not only offer these children a decent meal and a safe place to sleep, but to also offer them a chance to go to school and study. A number of these children are now starting to graduate from a helpless life to one that has the potential of real opportunities. One girl who was literally picked up from the landfill at the age of 8, is now studying medicine at the University of Singapore, thanks to the support of CCH and the NGO, “Children of the Dump.

Donations to Charity Account to be paid to:
Record Bank
IBAN No: BE94 6529 6244 6614
Swift/BIC Code: HBKABE22