Travel reports 2015

Travel reports 2015

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Mid Term Meetings (MTM)

In the year 2015 there were four Mid Term Meetings held, in Austria, Botswana, Denmark and Portugal. 

Lots of ladies attended the meetings, click on following links to read the travel reports. 

Wiener Neustadt, Austria 6. -8. February

Botswana, Africa 23.-25. January

Copenhagen, Denmark 22. -25. January

Portugal, 30. January - 1. February

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM 2015 was held in Akureyri, Iceland. More than 500 ladies attended from 32 countries.

Click the links to read the travel reports.

By Sofie Jacobsson, LC 33, Örebro, Sweden

By Matilda Henningsson, LC46, Umeå, Sweden

By Hazel Rofe, Norton Radstock LC, GB&I

By Liliana Dias, Portugal

By Karin Olén, LC 148, Stockholm, Haga, Sweden

By Ulrika Nordkvist, LC 46, Umeå, Sweden

By Susanne Hempel, LC 138, Göteborg, Sweden

By Louise Aspenberg, LC 48 Stockholm Bromma, Sweden

By Soili Vuolteenaho, LC 148, Stockholm Haga, Sweden

By Elisabeth Wentzel, LC 62, Skien, Norway

By Srividhya Arvind, LC 32, India

By Viktoria Dagobert Spong, LC 47, Sweden

By Anna Burholm, LC 48, Stockholm, Bromma, Sweden

By Shivani Dalmia, LC 23, India

By Suchi Bansal, LC 112, India

By Vilija Krisčiūnienė and Gintarė Drungilienė, LC3, Klaipėda, Lithuania

By ladies from LC110, Goteborg Terra Nova, Sweden

By Martina Hagspiel, Austria

By Minal Shroff, LC 23, India

By Maha Laghrari, Morocco

By Verena Kopatsch, Germany

By Linnéa Wallrim, LC138, Göteborg City, Sweden

By Karolina Dubowicz, LC6, Stockholm, Sweden

By Helene Nybom, LC 50, Stockholm-Klara, Sweden

By Häli Veskaru, Estonia

By Caroline Nyman, LC 136, Sweden

By Pernilla Glinning, LC 148, Stockholm Haga, Sweden

By Linda Danielsson, LC 47, Lund, Sweden

By Anna Holmberg, Karolina Nilsson and Nina Valkama, LC2, Helsingborg, Sweden

By Linda Melin, LC138, Gothenburg, Sweden

By Sigrid Panser and Manuela Aeppli, Austria

By Marie Lönneskog Hogstadius, LC 99, Mjölby, Sweden

By Mette Lindekilde, LC 56, Sønderborg, Denmark

By Ann­Charlotte (Lotta) Berggren, LC 143, Stockholm Svea, Sweden

By Karianne Bakke Loe, LC 27, Ringerike, Norway

By Annika Thunberg, LC18, Västerås, Sweden 

By Maria Johansson, LC5 Malmö, Sweden

By Anna Lönestam Sandblad, LC 99 Mjölby, Sweden

By ThoraBriem, LC 136, Sweden

By Mehrnush Ostad, LC10 Gothenburg, Sweden

By Maria Granath, LC 33, Sweden

By Sandra Chitewe, Zimbabwe

By Emma Heiwall, LC135 Göteborg, Sweden

By Annika Källmark, LC43 Västervik, Sweden

By Lisa Bengtson, LC43 Västervik, Sweden

By Palak Chordia MMLC 4, India

By Sandra Eilers, LC 56 Lüneburg, Germany and Bettina Müller, LC 26 Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Anna Andersson, LC138 Göteborg, Sweden

By Anne Karin Nøkland Berge, LC 75 Ølen, Norway






Travel reports from various events such as charters, national AGMs, birthdays and more. 

Click the links to read the travel reports

LC Kenya Charter, December 2015 - by Melissa Thula

LC Austrian AGM 21015 - by German ladies

LC Denmark 2015 Travel Report Greenland Soili by Soili, Sweden

LC GB&I AGM, 6.-11. May by Eva, Layla and Stéphanie, Belgium

Charter of LC Mauritius, 26. -28. February by Christiane, Madagascar

LC Finland AGM, 15.-17. May by Sirli Rooma, Estonia

Charter of LC Uganda, 4. June By Sharon M. Telebwe, Zambia